How a Promo Code Will Open Up More Greek Islands

5 Amazing Underrated Greek Islands, and Coupons To Help You Travel There.

The Greek archipelago is formed of several thousand islands and islets, out of which only about 200 are inhabited. It is no wonder that some of the islands, overshadowed by the more popular and larger ones, go overlooked by both tourists and travel agencies. And with a promo code, these islands are more affordable than they’ve ever been. You can also save on accommodations by getting last-minute rooms for less. If you enjoy a more quiet holiday, far from the crowd, in a place of pristine beauty with an authentic Greek atmosphere, reconsider booking a holiday to Corfu or Crete and consider some of these lesser known islands instead.

1. Anafi

Anafi is a small island in the Cyclades, lying only 19 km east of Santorini. Along with Santorini, it… Read more

When A Discount Code Makes Santorini Affordable.

Many American travelers dream of visiting Greece. The history in Athens is a draw, and the beautiful vistas in Santorini make it a once in a lifetime type of destination. Travel to Greece has its upside. In a time when the country’s economy has suffered, it’s cheaper for Americans to get there and enjoy what the country has to offer at affordable prices. Once an unaffordable island for only the most affluent, Santorini has now become much more budget-friendly. We even found a $100 off rooms coupon¬†that made the whole trip about 40% cheaper. Click here for more deals. If you’re going to make the journey, there are things you need to know. These tips will help improve your experience.¬†

1. Air travel within Greece is quite cheap

If you can get yourself to Athens, moving from place to place within Greece is easy… Read more