Imperial Med Hotel

Monolithos (Santorini), 5 star hotel

The luxurious and dazzling Imperial Med Hotel is a splendid choice for people, seeking for relaxing holidays. The hotel has its location on the secluded beach of Aghia Paraskevi, featuring wonderful views of endless sea with spectacular sunsets.  Official Website: The architectural style of Imperial Med Hotel is based upon traditional designs that date back close to 4000 years. The 46 guest suites are set among lushly flowered paths and courtyards. They feature clean, sharp lines, traditional domed roofs, and brilliant white stucco walls. The vivid blues of the sky and sea are reflected in the vibrant cobalt color of the doors and windows of the buildings. The interiors are adorned with smooth white marble from the legendary mines of Mount Olympus. It is used throughout the complex, covering every floor throughout your suite. The total effect is one of elegance and… Read more